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Contents :

Contents on Health care Resource Guide in the form of text, images, and graphics are intended to provide only information and it cannot be deemed as an alternative to a physician or a medical professional’s advice or diagnosis. It is recommended that you contact your health professional for any advice or queries on your medical condition. Health Care Resource Guide does not promote any medications, physicians, tests or other medical specification and any actions taken by you based on the information is solely at your own risk. If you find any of our materials to be offensive, you can stop using the services immediately.

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Acceptable Use :

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General Rules :

You are liable to use the services only under the rules of law and not commit to any exploitation acts such as transmit, copy, publish, download or distribute any content from our website which will result in the infringement of intellectual property. We have every right to check if any user tends to violate these rules and upon violation, it becomes a criminal liability. We might analyze such violations and if proved guilty, the violators will be prosecuted by law.

You are prone to hold Health care Resource guide and its complete team harmless, in cases of violation of the terms of use from your side.

Privacy rights :

The information collected by us is subject to our Privacy Policy. By accepting to these terms, you give your consent to comply with our Privacy Policy. If you have any clarifications on the same, you can contact us.

Amendments :

Health care Resource Guide in its capability can revise or update the Terms of Use on any of the services at any point of time. Such updates and additional terms will be effective once it is updated on this page. Hence you will have to visit this page every now and then to stay on track with the updated terms of use. However, usage of any services after the effect of additional terms will automatically mean that you agree to the updated terms of use.

Termination :

Health care Resource Guide considers this agreement to be valid until and unless it is terminated by either you or us. We may terminate your access any time by blocking the usage of our services if you are found not to comply with any rules in the agreement. You can also terminate the agreement at any point in time by not using our services.

No waiver :

Any failure on the part of Health care Resource Guide to enforce strict measures on these Terms and use cannot be deemed as a waiver of Health care Resource Guide’s right.

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