Privacy Policy

Health care resource guide can be your go-to site if you are tracking the trails of good health and well-being. It can help you understand any medical condition, conduct research on any particular medication and also involves your participation in community discussions for any suggestions or tips in order to attain good health in your life. Behind every information furnished, a team of professionals who care about your health and the well being of your loved ones, work day in and day out with compassion.

Hence this policy is intended to ensure you get an idea on how we collect your information and use it, gaining complete control over it. Please go through our privacy policy for an in-depth understanding of the same. You can clarify with us in case you have any queries.

Health care resource guide always respects the privacy of our users and aims at protecting information of our users in any form. The Privacy policy is concentrated on

  1. The type of information collected by Health care resource guide and the particular purpose for which it is used.
  2. How we collect, store and share your data.
  3. Your rights with respect to the collection of information.

By using any of our services, you are liable to agree to our privacy policy and will be considered as a consent to the collection and use of information. If you do not agree to the policy, you can very well opt out from accessing our website and its services immediately.

Information collected by us :

The information collected by us depends on how you interact with our services. Depending on the interaction, information like Name, Email, birthday, gender and information on health. The information collected based on your activity on the site is listed below.

Sign Up :

On using our services, your name, email, birthday, gender, address, and health data will be collected when you prefer to sign up with us.

Device Information :

We tend to collect information based on the device from which you install our services or access it. It might include the details on the operating system, hardware, battery, types of software, mobile operator, browser type, language and much more. This information will be collected based on your permission to access it.

Other sources information and also the data on App use will be collected so that we could respond to your queries and concerns on health.

Cookie Tracking

Health care Resource Guide employs the use of cookies and related technologies to track the progress of users, their movements on the website and information related to the demographics. You can choose to control the cookie use by disabling it on your browser but you will lose the privilege of accessing certain functions on our website. You will have to alter your browser settings to refuse cookies, without which you will be receiving cookies on your browser from our systems. Though certain browsers have an option where it can tell us that you don’t wish to track your online activities, we don’t respond to it as of now to deliver a personalized experience to our end users.

We also use sessions cookies and persistent cookies where session cookies expire once your session is over and the persistent cookies stay on your system until you take a step to erase it. However, there are other cookies as well which we use to monitor your favorite pages and customize it to enhance the website experience.

With certain rules applicable under law, we may pass your information to other third parties only after your consent.

We use analytics software to study the functionality of our services based on the performance, usage, and downloads. We might send you notifications on any new health conditions or any reports on the same. Invitation to take part in community-based discussions will be sent through push notifications.

Use of Information :

We tend to use your information for the following purposes.

Enhancement of services: We strive at improving our health based services every now and then and hence the information collected by us will be crucial in enhancing your experience with our services in the long run.

Response: We might use your information to respond to any requests from your side or for the process of communication.

Communication: Your information will be used in the process of conveying about our services by shedding light on our policies and terms.

We might also use your information for any other reasons related to the above-stated purposes.

Disclosure of Information :

We might disclose your information or share it with any third parties in an attempt to enhance the services of our products. We might also enable the access, preserving and sharing of information if required by the law based on a legal request. We might also extend our services to protect your information from any fraudulent activity that might either result in harm to our website or you on a personal level.

Request of Rights :

Health care resource guide can provide you with information on how we use it with the third party, upon a request, either mailed to us or notified to us by filling the form. You also have the right to correct your information or request the deletion of the same by contacting us. Once we verify your account, we immediately process your request at the earliest. Your information will be retained as long as you stay as an active member with our website. You can either sign-up for our newsletter or unsubscribe from the service based upon your convenience.

Security :

Your personal information is very important to us and we would strive to uphold the security in any instance. Once your information is submitted, we follow standard procedures to safeguard the information for any damage and misuse. You can, however, contact us in case of any queries on the security of your information.

Policy Changes :

We have every right to change our policy terms based on our convenience but we tend to notify you through an email on the changes applied by us. However, we request you to review this page at regular intervals to stay on track with our policy terms.