Resources for Healthcare Professionals dealing with Anxiety

Are you into a profession that requires you to interact with persons affected by anxiety? If so, then it’s a most delicate job that demands composure and temperament on your part. Year-on-year there is a steady increase in the number of people affected by varied types of anxiety disorders. Ultimately, the demand for health care […]

Recommended Health Checks in USA

At Healthcare resource guide, we emphasize the importance of enabling medical professionals to be able to update themselves on the latest healthcare resources and policies. Of the many categories that fall under the umbrella of healthcare, one key area of focus that is needed among medicos is recommended health checks the USA. The healthcare provider is […]

Improving Health Care Using Patient Surveys

In 2004 Time magazine ran an article that stated that local hospitals had done patient survey’s and had found that patients thought the staff to be offering poor service and that the patients thought they were very much so ill-informed of the decisions concerning home care. The hospital’s response in the matter to this survey […]

Can Malaria Transmission be Prevented by using Viagra

Viagra is a magic drug very popular among the men for its ability to enhance the sexual potency. Apart from its therapeutic use, Viagra is used to treat several other disorders including pulmonary hypertension. But the latest discovery by scientists working with CNRS & INSERM came with a breakthrough that Viagra is useful in controlling […]

Alternative Medicine And Natural Healing

There is a hugely growing underground movement underway, showcasing the benefits of alternative medical treatments for a huge variety of typical human ailments. There have also been many extremely reputable and completely competent organizations that have developed over the last couple of decades that are comprised of highly respected physicians, health professionals, and nutritionists that […]