With busy lifestyles, dominating our life to the fullest, we don’t spend much time thinking about our health quotient. Health is one aspect of life that is being taken lightly by everyone around us. However, we realize it only at the end that no happiness prevails without the sense of good health. But the good thing is that people have become very much aware now that they start exercising and follow other strict regimens to keep their health on the course.

However, the time we live in quite unpredictable that people who even stay fit tend to lose their lives due to heart attack or other complications which cannot be explained. So at the outcome of this bizarre situation, people are now searching for another way to live longer.

Following a specific diet from a young age is said to contribute towards a longer life. Reports say that inflammation can be one of the main reasons for posing as a hindrance to long life in humans. So if you are someone who wants to live longer, then it is very important that you follow an anti-inflammatory diet which can help you increase the number of years you’re life. Though this cannot be guaranteed or vouched for, lowering the marks of inflammation on the body has proved to be beneficial when it comes to living a longer life.

New research published in a popular journal states that a diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, eliminating processed foods has a lower probability of death at a very early age. The research was conducted at Poland which included 68,273 Swedish men and women between 45 and 83 age group. After a study of 16 years, people who stuck with anti-inflammatory diet remained on track having lower risk towards mortality, cancer and heart disease.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet 

Ali Webster, who is the Associate Director of Nutrition communications, states that the diet that focuses on anti-oxidants and rich in nutrients can help in lowering the inflammation in the human body. Foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, fish, avocado, nuts, olive oil, and dark chocolate come under Anti-inflammatory diet. Though red wine can also cause the same effect as the foods mentioned above, it is important that you consume it moderately. You might even ponder that this diet looks like the one from the Mediterranean region. Well, you aren’t wrong. Webster says that this word – anti-inflammatory diet has become a trend word now with respect to diet measures. Dana, a senior dietitian says that any food that is rich in nutrients, vitamins, color and obtained from a natural source can be considered to be the ideal constituent of an anti-inflammatory diet.

But the twist to the tale is that what you eat is as important as what you don’t eat. Experts stress on the fact that foods rich in saturated fats, sugar, salt, and carbonates must be completely avoided since they can easily cause inflammations which put you at risk of getting affected by every chronic disease along with cancer and diabetes.

Webster backs the above point by saying that even many scientists don’t understand the complicated process of inflammation to the fullest. He also adds that there are studies to support the claim that foods rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants can lower the marks of inflammation without which the body becomes vulnerable to every chronic disease out there.

The next question arises as to what makes these foods healthy and powerful to tackle inflammation. The primary reason is that they are anti-oxidants. Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory in the whole form rather than the supplement form. Dana states that fruits are naturally packaged anti-oxidants and our ancestors ate only fruits and vegetables for good health and we will have to follow the same to sustain our health for a long time.

Few Points to keep in mind when you are at the Supermarket

Studies like these can put any individual to confusion since there is always reports on some food to avoid and some diet to be adopted.

So, normal people tend to be in a dilemma as to which food is healthy and which is not. This doubt mainly arises when you are at the supermarket pondering if that particular food would be healthy. Kristin Kirkpatrick, registered Dietitian says that any processed food can be unhealthy and hence you will have to maximize the options for fresh food and start avoiding processed foods, quick foods, snacks, frozen foods, pizza, burger and stuff like that.

However, he also states that avoiding processed food and consuming sugar and red meat can also form inflammations on the body which can put you at risk of acquiring any chronic disease.

Webster adds that the cost plays a major role in people opting for these foods. He says that the irony lies in the fact that an apple costs more than a box of cookies or snacks.

Olive oil, fish and nuts can be quite expensive when it comes to the cost. Hence most of the foods mentioned under the anti-inflammatory diet come under expensive foods. But you could buy certain strategies by which you can save your expenses.

For example, you could opt for frozen foods or soya, beans, lentils and stuff like that which contain as much as nutrients compared to the expensive diet.

Also, you could buy your fresh food in bulk in order to save money in the long run or even keep an eye on the rate of consumption at hotels.

Investing in your health is not going to be a loss anyway. These costs that could be expensive now on the diet that you will have to follow can be really worth it in the future when you live long without any disease.

On a dietary shift

A shift to this form of diet can be extremely challenging at times but in the end, it can be rewarding on the physical and mental front. However, it is important that you give your body some time to adapt to the new conditions and then make some time for your fresh food preparation and adopt a grocery budget that works well for you.

Kirkpatrick points out that people have to be very cautious when they mix their foods with their ongoing medications and the reactions that it may lead to. For example, people on a thinner diet need to be aware of when they eat vegetables since vegetables are rich in vitamin K. But other than these complications, enhancing your diet with anti-inflammatory foods can improve your health and wellness vastly.

When your body takes time to adapt to this shift, you might experience rare cases of temporary constipation or gas, according to experts like Dana. A vigorous dietary shift could be difficult. You will have to ease your body through these changes to enjoy the long-term benefits. So it is advised that you start slowly with salads for breakfast or lunch, three days a week and then moving to fish for dinner.

So you will have to set very small goals in this process and gradually amp your diet schedule so that your body responds positively to the change and sticks to it for a longer period of time. This diet procedure can be greatly beneficial to you, hence you shouldn’t starve or go hungry in order to stay away from processed foods. Timely food consumption is necessary for a healthy life and on top of that what goes into your body for energy and power determines the longevity of your life.

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