There is a hugely growing underground movement underway, showcasing the benefits of alternative medical treatments for a huge variety of typical human ailments. There have also been many extremely reputable and completely competent organizations that have developed over the last couple of decades that are comprised of highly respected physicians, health professionals, and nutritionists that are leading the way in the trend toward natural treatments that typically produce no harmful side effects at all!

Organizations like the Health Sciences Institute, Natural Healing, and Alternatives, just to name a few, have been extremely dedicated for years to publicize natural healing approaches that have been sadly neglected and even denigrated by the mainstream medicine, for lack of evidence to support the claims that they make, etc.

They are battling an entrenched system, pioneered by such organizations as the Food and Drug Administration and AMA that are highly reluctant to recommend or endorse anything that has not been produced by the crushingly powerful pharmaceutical companies and industry. It is strange how potentially deadly products, with clearly demonstrated serious side effects have been routinely endorsed by these institutions, yet potentially helpful natural healing products have been aggressively attacked. Aren’t the institutions supposedly on outside, after all?

You most certainly owe it to yourself to have a look at how alternative treatments that indeed have been proven effective. You can also check out the Health Sciences Institute for totally free health updates, delivered via email. HIS is a consortium that has over 90,000 natural healing physicians worldwide. Their site is at

Natural Healing is another great publication and is fronted by Dr. Mark Stengler.

Always in the forefront of natural healing has been Dr.David G. Williams, with his popular and excellent publication, Alternatives. There are many others that are deeply engaged in the fight for better, more natural care also. You can probably understand why it is indeed a tough battle though. There are many dollars at stake. The big pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to know about inexpensive, natural and proven therapies to help heal the body and literally all types of ailments! The stockholders just wouldn’t like that at all!

It’s not just medicine that’s been showing amazing healing promise in these times, it’s also other, more traditional far eastern medicine that’s been showing remarkable results with patients of pain, arthritis, back problems, nervous system problems, insomnia, etc. We see that with Acupuncture and acupressure that amazing healing can occur within the body. Healing that’s far surpassed modern medicine’s standard by means of effectiveness and safety.

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